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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where is Providence Village?

A: Providence Village is a community of people living in their homes in Providence neighborhoods. It is one of a group of local villages across the state that make up The Village Common of Rhode Island.

Q: What specific neighborhoods are included?

A: The East Side of Providence (Fox Point, Wayland, College Hill, Blackstone, Hope and Mount Hope); Downtown and the Jewelry District; Oak Hill and Woodlawn in Pawtucket.

Q: Do you have to live in Providence to join Providence Village?

A: No. You can join to participate in all Providence Village activities and events. However, home-based support, such as rides and help in your home, is limited to members living within the specific Providence Village neighborhoods.

Q: How do I become a member?

A: Call our Member Services number, 401-441-5240. One of our Membership Ambassadors will get in touch to make a date for a conversation (on the phone, via zoom, or in person). The Ambassador will answer any questions and review member benefits, dues, and other membership information. They can help fill out the membership application.

Q: What’s the cost of membership?

A: A pay-what-you-can dues structure ensures that anyone can become a member. More Information 

Q: Is there an age requirement?

A: No, although most of our members are older adults.

Q: Can two people join together?

A: Yes. Any two people living in the same household can join at the dual membership rate.

Q: What is the distance that volunteer drivers are willing to travel?

A: Roughly 12 miles in one direction. Special arrangements may, on occasion, be made for longer rides at a volunteer driver’s discretion.

Q: Will volunteer drivers drive to other states if the 12 mile limit is respected?

A: Some volunteers may be willing to do this. Providing any service is at the discretion of the individual volunteer.

Q: Do drivers pay for gas? Do they accept tips?

A: Volunteer drivers pay for gas. They do not accept tips. Anyone wanting to express appreciation may make a donation directly to The Village Common of RI.

Q: Does Providence Village provide housing or in-home health services?

A: No. We do not provide this kind of support.

For information contact:

The Village Common of RI     (401) 228-8683