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Help Wanted

Volunteer Help Wanted. Unlimited gratification potential.

The Village Common

Drivers - Become an occasional volunteer driver on your own schedule. Provide short-distance rides for members in your own Village. Training, vetting, and your own car are required. Contact: Eliza Sutton at, or 228-8683.

Service Coordinator - Connect a Village member with a service, working from home on your own schedule. See the descriptive article in the December, 2020 Newsletter. Call the Village Common at 401-441-5240 and speak with a Service Coordinator.

Member Records Manager - Add new members and keep member records current in the Village Common's database. Experience with a browser interface to an online database is highly desirable. Train with Jim Maxwell. Contact Jim directly at or 401-450-5091.

Newsletter Archivist.Identify topics for several themed collections, i.e., People Profiles, or Happenings. Nominate evergreen topics for republication. Contact John Harkey:

Barrington Village


Membership Committee - Help organize Barrington Village member recruitment, onboarding, engagement, services and support.

Volunteer Committee - Help organize Barrington Village volunteer recruitment, training, vetting, orientation, engagement, support and appreciation.

Member Services Team - Respond to calls from Members, Volunteers, and enquiries about the Barrington Village. Calls forwarded directly to you at home via eVoice. Four-hour shift one afternoon each week. Contact the Barrington Village at 401-400-5599 or email

Resource Navigator - Receive service requests from Members with a need for professional services. Update database of local providers and organizations. Contact the Barrington Village at 401-400-5599 or email

Safety Net Committee - Help organize volunteer teams to provide member support services. Contact the Barrington Village at 401-400-5599 or email

Providence Village


Steering Committee - Sit in on a meeting of Providence Village’s idea workshop to learn what happens behind the scenes. Consider becoming a Steering Committee member. Read about the PVSC in the November, 2020 Newsletter. Call the Village Common at 401-441-5240 and speak with a Service Coordinator.

Community Liaison - Regularly survey community newsletters and neighborhood meetings, then report on any relevance to our Village. Contact John Harkey, 401-369-9545.

Social Activities - Garden party for all you fun lovers to plan social activities for the Providence Village and collaborate with our other Villages. July, date and time TBD. Contact John at

Edgewood Village


Archivist - Digitally organize, maintain, and format all documents related to Edgewood Village. Contact

Membership Ambassador - Respond to requests for membership, provide introductory information to and complete application with potential member virtually or safely in person, and follow up with welcome call. Training is provided. Contact

HELP WANTED is updated monthly. Submit your own Village’s volunteer needs to John Harkey at Mid-month deadline.

276 Angell St. Providence RI 02906 401-441-5240