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Providence Village FAQs


Q: Where is Providence Village?

A: Providence Village is a community of people living in their homes in specific Providence neighborhoods. It is one of a group of Villages that make up The Village Common of Rhode Island.

Q: What specific neighborhoods are included?

A: Oak Hill and Woodlawn in Pawtucket; the East Side of Providence ( Fox Point, Wayland, College Hill, Blackstone, Hope and Mt Hope), Downtown and the Jewelry District.

Q: Do you have to live in Providence to join Providence Village?

A: No. You can join this Village to enjoy all Providence Village activities and many other Village Common events. However, home-based support, such as rides and help in your home, is limited to members living within the Providence Village neighborhoods. If you’re interested in home-based support and live outside our support area, check OUR VILLAGES for villages closer to you.

Q: Does the Village provide housing?

A: Providence Village does not provide housing.

Q: What’s the cost of membership?

A: A flexible dues scale insures that anyone can become a member. More Information 

Q: Who can join the Providence Village?

A: Anyone may apply. One of our membership ambassadors will be in touch with a potential member to make a date for a conversation (on the phone or on Zoom), answer questions, and determine together whether Providence Village can support both practical and social needs.

Q: Is there an age requirement?

A: No, although most of our members are seniors.

Q: Can two people join together?

A: Yes! Any two people living in the same household can join at the dual membership rate.

Q: What is the distance that volunteer drivers are willing to travel?

A: Roughly 12 miles in one direction. Special arrangements may, on occasion, be made for longer rides at a driver’s discretion. Remember, drivers are volunteers!

Q: Will volunteer drivers drive to other states if the 12 mile limit is respected?

A: Not all volunteer drivers may be willing to do this. It’s up to the person requesting the ride to provide full information about a destination, especially if it’s out-of-state.

Q: Do drivers pay for gas? Do they accept tips?

A: Volunteer drivers pay for gas. They do not accept tips. Anyone wanting to express appreciation may make a donation directly to The Village Common of RI.

Q: Does Providence Village provide in-home health services of any kind?

A: Unfortunately, our volunteers cannot provide these services. We can assist members in finding in-home care appropriate for their needs.

For information contact:

The Village Common of RI     (401) 228-8683